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Student accommodation can be stressful whilst you're studying at university as you're having to make a lot of big decisions such as where you're going to live, who you're going to live with, how much you can afford, and it's likely the first time you have ever had to sign a tenancy agreement.

Rate Your Student Home is a review website designed to help and guide students in Leicester at both universities with their accommodation choices. The site is intended to allow students to rate their student halls, flat or house and landlord. Reviews left by students will help future students in their decision making for accommodation options in Leicester. We want students to share both good and bad experiences. The more reviews posted, the stronger this website becomes.


Reviews are left based on the following feedback:

  • Overall condition & cleanliness
  • Safety and security
  • Did the property feel like ‘a home’
  • Would you recommend to other students

We want to ensure reviews left on this site are genuine, as such we encourage students to use their university email address to verify the review as genuine. The site also allows landlords to act on student feedback to raise standards in accommodation for students in Leicester.

The Rate Your Student Home website is being run as a partnership between Sulets, De Montfort Student Union and University of Leicester Student Union and is available to all students in Leicester.