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How to submit a review

Rate Your Student Home is a simple and easy to use website designed to help you write and find reviews on student accommodation in Leicester.  It is supported by both Student Unions as a way for students to help other students find the best possible accommodation.

The review process is simple and is broken down into four simple parts:

  1. First choose if you are staying in a house or a hall of residence whether it’s a University hall or private.
  2. Once you have done that, either look up the property address using our handy property lookup or select from the list of halls or residence.
  3. Use the sliders to rate the property
  4. Enter the landlord or lettings agent details if you know them and rate them too.

You will be asked to enter an email address to verify you’re a real person.  Once you receive the email, click the link to confirm its you.

Student Verified Emails

We fight false reviews so only emails that come from University email accounts (ending in count towards the property score.  Emails from student verified accounts also get our Student Verified badge.

You can still use a different email address to post a review but it won’t count towards properties overall rank so please use your student email account.

How to flag a review

We want Rate Your Student Home to be a safe and useful site for students to rate and find reviews on their property and to showcase the best landlords in Leicester.  We have understand that you may want to report reviews on the site whether you are a student, landlord or lettings agent.

You can flag a review by clicking on the flag link on the relevant review.

The flagged review goes to our moderation team for consideration.  You will be contacted by a member of the team to confirm the outcome of the review.

Review and Moderation Policy

We want Rate Your Student Home to be a safe and useful site for students to rate and find reviews on their property and to showcase the best landlords in Leicester.

Reviews need to be honest, relevant and come from the individual who lived in the property.  Rate your Student Home is not meant as a site to attack people, raise grievances or attack your competitors or start a movement.  This is just to help students and showcase the best landlords, agents and operators in Leicester.

We wont accept reviews on the site that breach and of the following requirements:

  1. Its harmful or discriminatory

We do not tolerate hateful or discriminatory speech on the site for example comments based on their religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, colour, descent or gender.  This also relates to obscene language or language which is violent or threatens violence against anybody.

    2. It’s not based on a real experience.

We only want real reviews on Rate Your Student Home.  We don’t want fake negative (or fake positive reviews).  If you see what you believe to be a fake review you can submit this to moderation.

    3. It contains personal information

Please ensure that you don’t post your own or any other person’s personal details. 

    4. It’s advertising

Rate your Student Home does not accept links to other websites or comments that are obviously promotional.

Any reviews that breach these requirements will be removed from the site.

Need further support from your Student Union?

Do you need help or advice with housing problems? Don’t worry, your Students’ Union can help!

Here is a list of things that your Students Union can help with:

  • Finding accommodation
  • Deposit issues
  • Council Tax problems
  • Moving in
  • Moving out
  • Disrepair
  • Contract checking/ disputes
  • Rent arrears
  • Your tenant rights
  • Safety of your home
  • Leaving a property early

If your query is about something else, that’s ok!
It’s always good to speak with your Union before taking any action. If they can’t help you then they will usually be able to signpost you to an alternative service.


If you are a DMU student, please contact the DSU Advice & Wellbeing Team;

Email -
Website -

If you are a UoL Student, please contact your LSU Advice Service;

Website -


Disclaimer; De Montfort Students’ Union and Leicester Students’ Union do not own or manage this website. Both Unions are championing the work of the Rate Your Student Home scheme as we believe it is acting in the best interest of our students.

If you find a problem with this website, please contact the owner - STUDENT UNION LETTINGS LIMITED Sulets. Charity number: 1149922.